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a novo nordisk foundation initiative

Conference dates: May 18-22, 2014

Application deadline: February 15, 2014 at noon CET.

Online application will open on September 1, 2013.

Download conference flyer (pdf).

Confirmed speakers:

Naama Barkai
Lorenz Studer
Ihor Lemischka
Hitoshi Niwa
Nicolas Buchon
Peter Dirks
Tariq Enver
Sophie Jarriault
Haifin Lin
Matthias Lutolf
Sharagim Tajbakhsh


James Briscoe
Ruth Lehmann
David Scadden                                                                                      
Brigid Hogan
Giulio Cossu
Fiona Watt
Andrea Brand
Benjamin Simons
Andreas Trumpp
Gerald De Haan
Maarten van Lohuizen                                                                                Jacob Hanna                                                                                             Ben Stanger


All conferences expenses covered:

Registration fee, accommodation and local costs for all attendees are covered by The Novo Nordisk Foundation. This includes hotel, meals, drink, and transport during the conference. Attendees pay their own travel expenses to and from the conference venue. Travel grants are available.

DanStem, University of Copenhagen
59768_175_300_0_0_0_0.jpg Lausanne_Botton_rdax_120x174.jpg bo porse.jpg henrik_semb_1_small.jpg
​Joshua Brickman
Anne Grapin-Botton ​Bo Porse Palle Serup

About the conference

To support cross pollination and a free atmosphere of trust and openness the maximum number of participants at the conference will be 160 including faculty. The conference will take place in beautiful surroundings north of Copenhagen, isolated from outside intrusions. The participants will be staying at or near the conference site and no other parties will be present during the conference period.

The aim is to create an atmosphere where fresh research and new ideas can be discussed freely.  The conference is fully sponsored by the Novo Nordisk Foundation who covers the conference fee, hotel, transport and meals during the conference. Participants cover their own travel expenses.

Watch the video:


Stem Cells, Cell Biology, Copenhagen, :

The Stem Cell Niche 2014